“I have attended classes in Stephen's studio and am currently doing them online due to lockdown.

I really love that you as the student can decide what you take from this class, no matter if you want to focus on landscape or portrait, you're interested in a certain painting technique or artist's style Stephen will tailor the lesson to your needs and teach you individually. The groups are normally kept small which allows ample room for the questions you have and to discuss your painting project in detail.

As we switched to online sessions during lockdown I was admittedly skeptical how well an art class would work that way but was positively surprised to see that they are as good as the ones on-site. With the webcam switched on and sending photos of the current status of the painting around you can learn as much as you could in the studio & it allowed me to participate during the week as I don't have to travel.

I will definitively continue, no matter if online or on-site. ”


"We had great fun learning in a family session with Stephen. He is a very inspirational and exciting teacher who is up to any challenge, teaching us very well while also allowing us to have a good time. We finished with some surprisingly good pieces of art. I would recommend Stephen to all ages and levels."






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“Stephen has great kindness, patience and charm, and lots of helpful ideas, not least for beginners like me. A generous time-frame for each class allows for unhurried creative input - plenty of it - from both teacher and pupil.”