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Oil palette knife technique

Let's start with.. Reviews!

"Stephen was such a magnificent tutor for a complete beginner to oil painting/all painting like myself. I signed up to the four week introductory course and now I'm hooked!"



"I attended a 4 week course with Art Courses London. I have been trying to learn to paint for about 4 years and I had some tutorials before but I was clueless. Stephen made the sessions fun, informative, he taught me the basics and I learned one thing each week that I found extremely helpful. I have a new found confidence in that I know where to start, before it was just guess and mess. I’m even getting impressed with my own work enough to enter three of my new creations into a group exhibition."


"I have done classes in person with Stephen - as well as online during lockdown. He’s very knowledgeable and supportive and helps create a very relaxed atmosphere for the classes. All advice is tailored to individual’s interests and abilities. Highly recommend."


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